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Orgasmic Manifestation

Sex Magic
This is a two days Pre-Recorded workshop. (Total 8 Hours)


What you will Explore:
  1. Step by step process on Manifestation using Sexual Energy

  2. Transform Sexual Energy to Strengthen Your Body, Mind & Spirit

  3. Become Multi-Orgasmic Man & Woman

  4. Differentiate between types of Orgasm for Women & Men

  5. Improve Your Physical Health and Achieve Material Success

  6. Cultivate More Physical Energy and Enhance Intimacy with Self and Partner.

  7. Unlock More Creativity and Wisdom

  8. Achieve Higher Spiritual Development

Orgasmic Manifestation is actually a conscious practice where people use the sexual energy produced through intimacy and “direct” it to a specific purpose. This workshop is not just about sex. It is a full step-by-step guide to learn the art of connecting to yourself and your partner and to transform the Sexual Energy into Creative energy for manifestation of your dreams. It is a fully “clothes on” workshop with no nudity. This is for Men and Women of any age.

Special Energy Exchange: Rs 2999 (Limited Time)


What you will get:
  • 7 days access to the recordings.

  • Join 4 Weekly Meetup Sessions

  • One personal call with Aditya


NOTE: (If you want recording for lifetime and need membership for attending weekly sessions for 6 Months, you will need to pay full price for Rs 6999)
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