Learn the Ancient Art to Manifest using Loving Energy

Intimacy is more than pleasure, it is a spiritually powerful energy. Anyone who has experienced intimacy knows that the sensation and release possible in the peak of a intimacy encounter holds incredible power. With intention and discipline, you can learn to use your Love-Vibrations to create the life you crave. Dive into this two days online workshop to master this ancient art of manifestation.



What you'll learn:


☘️ Step by step process on Manifestation using Intimacy. 

☘️ Transform Love-Vibrations to Strengthen Your Body, Mind & Spirit

☘️ Become Multi-Orgasmic Man & Woman

☘️ Differentiate between types of Orgasm for Women & Men

☘️ Improve Your Physical Health and Achieve Material Success

☘️ Cultivate More Physical Energy and Enhance Intimacy with Self and Partner. 

☘️ Unlock More Creativity and Wisdom 

☘️ Achieve Higher Spiritual Development

Course content: 

Modulation of Tantra, Taoism and Shamanism Intimacy Alchemy practices. The course has 70% practical exercises and 30% theory. Book references would be shared. 


Who this course is for:


  • Singles/Couples who are who wants to Manifest using Intimacy.

  • Mindful Individuals wishing to understand the potential of Sacred Intimate Manifestation.

  • Students who are dedicated to Self-growth.



Take away:


  • Reference Material

  • Recordings to practice later (For 1 month)

  • Group support and follow-ups.



  • An open mind about the subject

  • A bit of a spiritual base for approaching this subject (eg. Knowledge about Chakras)

  • A desire to approach sexuality from more than a basic instinctual nature



Setup for the session:


  • Good Internet Speed with Laptop

  • Face visibility is important for some sessions

  • Comfortable Headphones or Speakers

  • Skype Account

  • Comfortable seat

  • A quiet room with enough space to follow exercises

  • Loose comfortable clothing

  • Light meal one hour before the workshop

  • Lemon and honey tea is helpful 

  • Yoga Mat and Teddy Bear

  • Pencil and paper





Dates: 28th & 29th Jan ‘21

Time: 1 PM to 6 PM (1 hour break included)

Platform: Zoom

Fees: INR 7000/- (all inclusive)



Your Facilitator: Aditya is an Alchemist, trained in Tantra (Buddhist and Indian), Taoism, Shamanism, Regression Therapy and Psychology. He authored two books - Transition - Awakening through Gender Identity and Gandharvaloka- The Shape Shifters. He has been presenting Sacred Sexuality workshops in many International conferences for the last five years.


Registration & Enquiry:

Bank Details: Aditya Dutta 
SBI Account No. 20228734911
IFSC SBIN0003257
Yellareddyguda Branch, Hyderabad


Whatsapp: +919676146627


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