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Hi I’m Aditya Dutta aka Adi and I know that I have come into this world with a clear purpose and mission:


• To help 1,000,000 people live their Self-Mastery and to build Safe places where this change is possible.


I truly appreciate the fact that you’re here.


Because I value your time here, I would like to share a little about myself.


I started my career with Microsoft as a Technical Support, but soon I hit a deep depressed state due to my Gender identity crisis. This was the start of my inner-journey which later turned into switching my profession to a Pelvic Floor Coach.


Bringing over 12 years' worth of Sexual and Somatic education, I am a certified UHT Instructor trained by the renowned Tao Master Mantak Chia in Taoist Sexual Healing. Being an apprentice for 8 years under renowned Mentor Dr Newton Kondaveti, I worked as a Counsellor and Trainer with Life Foundation.


I have  authored two books - Transition - Awakening though Gender Identity and Gandharva Loka - The shape shifters (Upcoming).


 Other credentials:


  • Masters in Psychology

  • Certified in Sexual Shadow Work

  • Trained in Buddhist Tantra and Shamanism

  • Certified in Regression Therapist

  • Certified in Inner Child Therapy

  • Certified in Rebirthing Breathwork

  • Certified in Family Constellation

Life is a Balance between Holding On and Letting Go!







Pelvic Floor Mastery

Recorded session for Pelvic Floor Mastery and Weekly Live Classes with Q & A. 

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Taoist Sexual Mastery

Customized workshop for Men, Women & Couples

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Aditya received his training in past life regression from Life Research Academy at Hyderabad. He started facilitating quality PLR sessions and supporting the healing process of many clients. His mini workshop at PLRC-5 organised by ARRR at Delhi received the wonderful feedback from the participants. The 'Sexpression' is the most important topic which many people try to avoid . Aditya has been doing the research about this topic and evolved this module which can benefit the participants. Take this opportunity to receive this knowledge.

Newton Kondaveti, MD


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Qi Gong Session

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Freedom From Sexual Trauma

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