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Exclusive Workshop to Master your Intimacy
This is a two days Pre-Recorded workshop. (Total 8 Hours)


What you will Explore:
  1. Practice Sexual Reflexology

  2. Chakras and manifestation

  3. Step by step process on channelling the energy.

  4. Become Multi-Orgasmic Man and Woman

  5. Differentiate between types of Orgasm for Woman and Man

  6. Healing the body though orgasms


In this Exclusive workshop is a step-by-step Taoist guide to deepen your connection to yourself and your partner and to improve love-making. It is a fully “clothes on” workshop with no nudity. This is a Workshop for both Men and Women.

Special Energy Exchange: Rs 2999 (Limited Time)
What you will get:
  • 7 days access to the recordings.

  • Join 4 Weekly Meetup Sessions

  • One personal call with Aditya


NOTE: (If you want recording for lifetime and need membership for attending weekly followup sessions for 6 Months, you will need to pay full price for Rs 6999)
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