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Sexual Shadows

The brighter the light, the greater the shadow

Life Force Management welcomes you to the 4th Level - Live Workshops

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”- Carl Jung

Welcome to the hidden and exciting section of your life!


This is a 3 months (12 weeks course) which is the merging of the work from wonderful masters like Osho, Debbie Ford, Jeff Foster, Shakti Malan, Teal Swan and David Deida. I would like to mention the remarkable work of Debbie Ford and Shakti Malan that has touched me deeply.

Shadow work is to make the unconscious conscious and the unacceptable — acceptable. Sexual Shadow Integration Work is a process of working with our unconscious and conscious selves to seek liberation and addressing the dimensions of our sexuality that are held in the unconscious.

Sexual Shadows play out when we crave or yearn or simply curious to express a particular way yet deny ourselves of this. We are too embarrassed, scared of being rejected, shamed or isolated because of our curiosities.


We must find those that we trust to be connected and intimate with. Those who will not shame us for wanting to explore parts of ourselves that may be perceived taboo or different by the mainstream.


It is about Authentic Expression. 


When we repress Sexual Expression, our Life Force Energy is Blocked. We withdraw from life, become secretive and lose our ability to be intimate.

The shadow of our sexuality is an expression of the unconscious. It is that which keeps us from being able to engage with sex in full presence, consciousness and love. 


Our unconscious sexuality plays out around the desire-fear polarity. Either we find ourselves governed by desires that we have little conscious control over, or our sexuality is impacted by a fear response. You are not necessarily going to like what the shadows may show. But if you are willing to have an honest look at yourself, your honesty will begin to set you free. 

This course addresses questions such as:


  • What to do about sexual fantasy, erotic dreams and patterns arising?

  • How to deal with aspects of myself that have been denied, repressed, frozen and rejected?

  • How do I free myself from the memory of sexual trauma?

  • What if I don’t feel any sexual desire?

  • What about my secretive eroticism? 

  • How can I overcome the shame and guilt around my sexuality? 




  1. Tapping into your intuition - get in touch with your deeper knowing.

  2. Freeing yourself from the unconscious shadow - stop operating from unconscious level, so that your shadows don’t control you. 

  3. Empowering yourself and accepting your strengths - people with very low self-esteem often put good things about themselves into their shadow because they don't feel worthy of it.

  4. Taking a step toward self-actualization - If you're reading about shadow work, you're likely also interested in becoming the best version of yourself. 

  5. Improve your creativity - Your shadow doesn’t just hide traits that people consider undesirable. It can also hide amazing parts of yourself, like creativity.

  6. Build better relationships with others: When you tame your projections, you can see others for who they really are. You no longer see them as projections of the side of you that you dislike.

  7. Have better clarity - Shadow work gives you better clarity on how your thoughts, emotions, and feelings lead you to act the way you do.



Teaching Session Materials

Part 1: What is Sexual Shadow? 

Part 2: The Dance of Polarity 

Part 3: Eros and Desire 

Part 4: Facing your Fears 

Part 5: The Drama Triangle

Part 6: Projections 

Part 7: Releasing Trauma 

Part 8: Body Armouring 

Part 9: Shadow Work Technique 1

Part 10: Shadow Work Technique 2 

Part 11: Shadow Work Technique 3 

Part 12: Radical Acceptance

Who this course is for:

* Life Force Management Participants of Level 3. 

* Teachers, Coaches, Trainers who wants to help their clients better with sexual issues.

* Mindful Individuals wishing to understand the potential of their Deep Subconscious. 


(Suggested Prerequisite - Have done some basic course on sexual healing) 

Take away:

  • Lifetime access of Reference Material

  • Recordings to practice later. 

  • Group support and weekly follow-ups. 





This is a recorded 3 months weekend workshop 


Rs 15,000 


Your Facilitator:


Aditya is an Alchemist, expert in Tantra (Buddhist and Indian), Taoism, Shamanism, Regression Therapy and Psychology. He authored two books - Transition - Awakening through Gender Identity and Gandharvaloka- The Shape Shifters. He has been presenting Sacred Union workshops in many International conferences for the last five years.


Testimonials from Earlier Workshops:

I had a very profound experience and I think it made me visit certain hidden blocks, which I was able to understand, as to what they do. This workshop was beyond my expectation. It opened me up to understand why I should not be in a low state inspite of underperformance. Any amount of answer to resentments is not worth it. The Kundalini, Jelly fish meditation and Sufi Whirling was amazing. Keep up the great work to transform lives and mindsets.


Rahul Kadam,

Architect, Pune



The workshop really helped Me gain clarity in ways to release my masculine to empower my Feminine within myself to a more balanced energy. That helped me gain perspective of myself who I really want to be and what kind of partner I deserved to be with.... and that made me attract a beautiful masculine partner, with a balance masculine feminine like myself!! So yea! Thank You so so much for the workshop!


Julie Chung

Art Director, Kolkata 


One of the best and the rare workshops I have attended so far, where I just surrendered and saw the magical results in me. Sometimes not knowing any theory is the highest blessing one can have. The essence of the workshop was beautifully received and today I could see a great shift in my being. Thank you Aditya Dutta. I wish to attend all your workshops


Tejasvi Mule

Coach, Hyderabad

Very rich content, maybe too rich. Great to think of a topic we don’t spend naturally time on. I was fascinated with the subject and Sufi Dance.


Engineer, Bangalore


This was a wonderful workshop, I came with an intention to experience the “Divine Union” within which actually happened through Sufi dance, Grounding meditation and many other tools. Healing the Mother wound and Father wound was a bonus learning. I could clearly see how these wounds were blocked in me for years. With Aditya, we felt the presence of Shiva-Shakti and shared everything from our hearts.



Facilitator – Creative School, Bangalore


I was very excited to attend this workshop. It helped me to deepen my understanding about healing of the masculine and the feminine essence of our being. It was a wonderful experience learning from Aditya. His warm, patient and centered approach brought in a lot of ease and created a beautiful space to learn and heal.



Teacher/Healer, Bangalore

First of all I enjoyed it very much. Got acquainted with new concept like if we intend something then two polarities are there and we have to voice our fears on that intention.  Sir was great in explaining and helped us in our query. Easy to communicate and ask any question.


Pratibha Gaur, Pune

Check Videos on Shadow work:


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