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Ignite your Passion

Explore the Dimensions of Sexuality
 | Embody your authentic sexual self  | Bring your Chakras into alignment
 | Shift your mindset to an empowerment mindset
 | Reconnect to healthy masculine and feminine energies



What you'll learn


☘️ Work with sexual energy in a way you never have before.

☘️ Relive Sexuality from a more conscious perspective.

☘️ Manifest your life using your Sexual Energy.

☘️ Feel more connected to your divine powers of sex and to your partner as well.

☘️ Invite ecstasy and creativity with your sexuality.




In this weekend workshop you will learn to more fully tap into the life force energy in the body, also known as kundalini or orgasmic energy or creative energy. Through guided processes, you will be led into a space where you can more fully accept your inner potential and use it wisely to create the life you desire.



Who this course is for:


  • Seekers who are seeking a more divine sexual experience

  • Mindful Individuals wishing to understand the potential of sex beyond the dogmas.

  • Couples or Individuals who sense a deeper way to connect sexually is present, but can't fully access on their own



Take away:


  • 1 Pre-or-post personal session on sexuality

  • Practice Material

  • Recordings to practice later




  • An open mind about the subject

  • A bit of a spiritual base for approaching this subject

  • A desire to approach sexuality from more than a basic instinctual nature



Setup for the session:


  • Good Internet Speed with Laptop 💻

  • Face visibility is important for some sessions

  • Comfortable Headphones 🎧  or Speakers 🔊

  • Skype Account

  • Comfortable seat 💺

  • A quiet room with enough space to follow exercises

  • Loose comfortable clothing

  • Yoga Mat and Teddy Bear

  • Pencil and paper





Dates: 15th & 16th Aug ‘20

Time: 1 PM to 5 PM

Platform: Skype

Fees: INR 5000/- (all inclusive)



Your Facilitator: Aditya Dutta is an International Speaker, Regression Expert and Psychologist. He is the author of the book Transition - Awakening through Gender Identity. His forthcoming book is Gandharvaloka- The Shape Shifters


Registration & Enquiry:

Bank Details: Aditya Dutta 
SBI Account No. 20228734911
IFSC SBIN0003257
Yellareddyguda Branch, Hyderabad


Whatsapp: +919676146627



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