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Taoist Sexual Healing 

Rise in love with yourself

General Syllabus would cover few/all of the followings:


  • Sexual Kungfu

  • How To Become Multiorgasmic

  • How To Become more energetic and enjoy your life journey.

  • Prevent any Sexual Deficiency

  • Learn and experience to integrate Sexual Energy 

  • Yoni Egg exercises for Women / Chi Weight Lifting for Men (Pelvic Floor Strengthening)

  • Woman’s Sexual Anatomy and Functioning

  • Man’s Sexual Anatomy and Functioning

  • The 3 Gates of Orgasm for Woman

  • Male Orgasmic Cultivation 

  • Million Dollar Point

  • How to strengthen your intimacy and orgasmic experiences?

  • How to have Self-pleasure and circulate the Sexual Energy within your body? (Single Cultivation)

  • How to give pleasure to your partner and circulate the Sexual Energy with your partner? (Dual Cultivation)

  • How to open the Microcosmic Orbit? (I will do a special session to open the energy channel and transmit energy to you so that you can circulate energy in your body).

  • How to remove Sexual Blocks? (In case you have particular sexual block, I will give you personal session to dissolve it).





  • Learn how to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, balance hormones and diminish menstrual symptoms.

  • Increase libido and activate your pelvic floor and pelvic nerves.

  • On an energetic level it trains our body to draw energy upwards through our root into our body systems.

  • Overcome some issues with infertility.

  • Easier childbirth with less tearing of the tissue. If you have already given birth, this practice will help repair damaged nerve endings and speed your body’s recovery.

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor to help with incontinence and prevent prolapse in the future.

  • Gain Control over the vaginal muscles and increase intimacy. Your long term lover will notice the difference!

  • Pelvic tone and health to eliminate chronic UTI's.

  • Reduced PMS, menstrual cramps and the duration of your menses.

  • Increases sensitivity in the genital area. Enables conscious connection to this area if one has previously felt disconnected.

  • Increases blood circulation and improves the natural flow of hormones.

  • Releases pelvic and vaginal tension.

  • Helps bring awareness to and clear held emotions in the vaginal muscles.

  • Addresses vaginal dryness.

  • After menopause the walls of the vagina can become thinner, using the egg regularly helps promote cellular regeneration and blood flow.

  • If the pelvic floor muscles become weak, they are less able to support the organs inside your pelvis. This can lead to incontinence or even a prolapsed uterus. Yoni egg exercises help strengthen this whole area.




  • Learn to control ejaculation and transform the sexual energy into life force.

  • Learn to transform excess sexual energy into self-healing energy

  • Become Multiograsmic and learn to extend your love-making.

  • Gain the ability to dissolve your worst Inner Demons without any resistance or struggle.

  • Transform and refine your innate spiritual powers/virtues.

  • Boost your Testosterone Levels upto 200 % with regular practice.

  • Improve your Sexual Stamina.

  • Overcome issues like Sexual Problems, Pornography addiction, Premature ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, prostate issues 

  • Other issues that can be healed are Urine Bladder problems, Irritable bowel syndrome, Back pain, Low energy levels, Stress, Anxiety, Depression 


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