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A Seeker

All Therapists were “wounded”, so was I. Coming out of my Gender Identity Disorder and establishing my Sexuality took my lifetime work. I lived as a Man in a Woman’s body. Rejected for my sexuality by my family and society, I carried deep guilt in my heart. To heal my conflict, I trained myself as a Certified Psychologist, Certified Regression Therapist, Inner-work modalities and Meditation. I explored Tantra, Taoism and Shamanism. Left my high paid IT career and in the year 2012 I joined Dr Newton as an apprentice and worked with others simultaneously. To solve the physical conflict, I had to go through Big medical surgery - Female to Male. I had lived in both polarities- Male and Female. Step by step, I had to go into details. Walked the rough roads and I have gone through the “dark night of my soul”. 

I was Reborn. My soul wanted to express myself as a Man and it Manifested.


And now I want to share the wonderful tools that I discovered during my transition. 

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